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Lastenliitto ry - The (National) Organization for Children

Lastenliitto ry, a Finnish national organization was established in 1972. Our main target group is Finnish children and adolescents under 15 years.

Promoting the wellbeing of children
Lastenliitto is interested in all topics concerning children and youth. Our four values are: fair, encouraging, child-oriented and caring. Our values guide everything we do in all areas of our organization and are promoted by every person involved with us. Our goal is to organize inspiring and accesible free-time activities all around Finland. We exist so that every child has the opportunity to have a hobby.

Lastenliitto promotes children's rights. We take an active role in political discussion to promote the wellbeing of children, youth and of families with children. We want to support parenthood and to help parents combine the demands of the working life with the demands of the familylife.

Camps, clubs and positive experiences
We want to give children positive experiences. Lastenliitto ry, the district organizations and the local associations organize after school clubs, summer camps, trips and events for children and their families.

Clubs have various themes, such as art, sports and cooking and are mostly aimed at elementary school children. Camps are held in June, July and early August and during school breaks in October and late February/March.

Our clubs and camps are mainly aimed at Finnish speaking children, but usually perfect language skills is not a requirement.

Come Along!
Lastenliitto operates all over Finland: there are altogether nine district organizations. The central office of Lastenliitto is in Helsinki.

Lastenliitto ry is linked with the National Coalition Party of Finland (Kokoomus). Kokoomus is represented in The Parliament of Finland and it is a member of the European Peoples` Party (EPP).
Everyone can join. It is also possible to take part in our activities without a membership.